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Bana Ba Letsatsi operates a rehabilitation centre that offers a place of safety for orphans and vulnerable children registered with us. From this centre we provide ongoing support in the form of counselling, education, skills training, daily meals, sports, clothes, transport, medical attention, hygiene facilities and many other services and activities.

Every child is assessed when initially referred to Bana Ba Letsatsi and closely monitored throughout, and a programme implemented in line with their needs. The challenges that the orphans and vulnerable children in Botswana face is broad and forever changing, but they include a vast lack of parental care; having never been to school or dropped out at a very early age; suffering sexual or physical abuse; begging or working underage and abusing drugs.

Drawing from abused kids in Botswana

Child assessments and regular home visits are carried out to determine the problems facing the children and to counsel and begin the process of rehabilitation of the families. If we are unable to re-introduce the child to school we will add them to our non-formal morning classes held at the centre, until such a time that they are ready to attend a formal school. In both cases we monitor their progress daily, and work hand-in-hand with Government of Botswana social workers to ensure that each child has the necessary uniforms, books, money for transport and other essential resources in order to continue their education and better their lives.

We run an early childhood education programme, where we support children in this age range through private preschools in the area. Youth development is a further focus and we train older children in vocational training courses, including plumbing, brick-laying, guiding and cooking. As part of this programme our Head of Youth Development assists them in finding permanent employment. We also run income generation caregiver programmes where the caregivers of our vulnerable children may learn skills and be facilitated to earn a small income.